Model and create a sturdy workbench

Today, I propose 3 independents videos but with a strong relationship. Taking as an example the workbench created by Jimmy Diresta, I propose you to watch how Lars Christensen created a model and a cutlist using Fusion 360. Then let’s see how Jimmy Diresta built it.

First, modelization under Fusion 360.

Cutlist creation

The build by Jimmy Diresta.

The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera_mechanism is the oldest known geared mechanism.

It was used to compute astronomical positions of stars in the sky, eclipses dates, lunar phases… as known by the ancient Greeks…


Chris from Clickspring already entertained us by crafting a beautiful clock mechanism and a beautiful gyroscope. This time he is showing us how he is building such a device trying to imagine how the ancient resolved the technical challenges back then. 

Those crazy people are building a boat in their backyard!

Today, I want to introduce you to a few youtube channels where people are building a boat in their backyard!!

These are beautiful stories.

Probably the most famous: SV Seeker. He started in 2008!

In another way, Steve is building a 11,60m long sailship made of wood.

Finally, Leo, an Englishman went to US to restore “Tally Ho”

Prepare and split bamboo in strips

Jiro Yonezama is a bamboo artist. In this vide, he demonstrate the consecutive steps to prepare the Madake Bambou (phyllostachys bambusoides) in order to craft baskets.
– cutting
– clean (and bamboo oil extraction)
– storage
– tools

Bamboo splited in strips is a wonderful crafting material.
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